Identify your MacBook

With the system
(your Mac turns on)

Go to the apple menu (top left of your Mac), then to “About” or “About this Mac”.

Your Mac model is listed here

With EMC

Under your Mac are engraved indications, including the 4-digit EMC number.

Return your Mac, identify the EMC number and refer to the following list to identify your Mac model

With serial number

Under your Mac are engraved indications, including the serial number of your Mac such as “C02F8DJ2ND”

Turn your Mac over, identify your Mac's serial number.
Then go to Apple checkcoverage website and enter your serial number to know the model of your computer

Modelloginmodel #EMCOrder number
MacBook Late 2008MacBook 5,1A1278EMC 2254MB466LL/A, MB467LL/A
MacBook Late 2009MacBook 6,1A1342EMC 2350MC207LL/A
MacBook Mid 2010MacBook 7,1A1342EMC 2395MC516LL/A
MacBook 12″ Early 2015MacBook 8,1A1534EMC 2746MF855LL/A, MK4M2LL/A, MJY32LL/A, MF865LL/A, MK4N2LL/A, MJY42LL/A
MacBook 12″ Early 2016MacBook 9,1A1534EMC 2991MLH72LL/A, MLHA2LL/A, MLHE2LL/A, MMGL2LL/A, MLH82LL/A, MLHC2LL/A, MLHF2LL/A, MMGM2LL/A
MacBook Air 11 "
MacBook Air 11” Late 2010MacBookAir 3,1A1370EMC 2393MC505LL/A, MC506LL/A
MacBook Air 11” Mid 2011MacBookAir 4,1A1370EMC 2471MC968LL/A, MC969LL/A
MacBook Air 11” Mid 2012MacBookAir 5,1A1465EMC 2558MD223LL/A, MD224LL/A
MacBook Air 11” Mid 2013MacBookAir 6,1A1465EMC 2631MD711LL/A, MD712LL/A
MacBook Air 11” Early 2014MacBookAir 6,1A1465EMC 2631MD711LL/B, MD712LL/B
MacBook Air 11” Early 2015MacBookAir 7,1A1465EMC 2924MJVM2LL/A, MJVP2LL/A
MacBook Air 13 "
MacBook Air 13” OriginalMacBookAir 1,1A1237EMC 2142MB003LL / A
MacBook Air 13” Late 2008MacBookAir 2,1A1304EMC 2253MB543LL/A, MB940LL/A
MacBook Air 13” Mid 2009MacBookAir 2,1A1304EMC 2334MC233LL/A, MC234LL/A
MacBook Air 13” Late 2010MacBookAir 3,2A1369EMC 2392MC503LL/A, MC504LL/A
MacBook Air 13” Mid 2011MacBookAir 4,2A1369EMC 2469MC965LL/A, MC966LL/A
MacBook Air 13” Mid 2012MacBookAir 5,2A1466EMC 2559MD231LL/A, MD232LL/A
MacBook Air 13” Mid 2013MacBookAir 6,2A1466EMC 2632MD760LL/A, MD761LL/A
MacBook Air 13” Early 2014MacBookAir 6,2A1466EMC 2632MD760LL/B, MD761LL/B
MacBook Air 13” Early 2015MacBookAir 7,2A1466EMC 2925MJVE2LL/A, MMGF2LL/A, MJVG2LL/A, MMGG2LL/A
MacBook Air 13” 2017MacBookAir 7,2A1466EMC 3178MQD32LL/A, MQD42LL/A
MacBook Air 13” 2018MacBookAir 8,1A1932EMC 3184MRE82LL/A, MREA2LL/A, MREE2LL/A, MRE92LL/A, MREC2LL/A, MREF2LL/A
MacBook Air 13” 2019MacBookAir 8,2A1932EMC 3184MVFH2LL/A, MVFK2LL/A, MVFM2LL/A, MVFJ2LL/A, MVFL2LL/A, MVFN2LL/A
MacBook Air 13” 2020MacBookAir 9,1A2179EMC 3302MWTJ2LL/A, MWTK2LL/A, MWTL2LL/A, MVH22LL/A, MVH42LL/A, MVH52LL/A
MacBook Air 13” 2020 M1MacBookAir 10,1A2337EMC 3598MGN53LL/A, MGN83LL/A, MGN63LL/A, MGN93LL/A, MGND3LL/A, MGN73LL/A, MGNA3LL/A, MGNE3LL/A
MacBook Pro 13”
MacBook Pro 13″ Mid 2009MacBookPro5,5A1278EMC 2326MB990LL/A, MB991LL/A
MacBook Pro 13″ Mid 2010MacBookPro7,1A1278EMC 2351MC374LL/A, MC375LL/A
MacBook Pro 13″ Early 2011MacBookPro8,1A1278EMC 2419MC700LL/A, MC724LL/A
MacBook Pro 13″ Late 2011MacBookPro8,1A1278EMC 2555MD313LL/A, MD314LL/A
MacBook Pro 13″ Mid 2012MacBookPro9,2A1278EMC 2554MD101LL/A, MD102LL/A
MacBook Pro 13” Late 2012MacBookPro10,2A1425EMC 2557MD212LL/A, MD213LL/A, Z0N43LL/A
MacBook Pro 13″ Early 2013MacBookPro10,2A1425EMC 2672ME662LL / A
MacBook Pro 13″ Late 2013MacBookPro11,1A1502EMC 2678ME864LL/A, ME865LL/A, ME866LL/A
MacBook Pro 13″ Mid 2014MacBookPro11,1A1502EMC 2875MGX72LL/A, MGX82LL/A, MGX92LL/A
MacBook Pro 13″ Early 2015MacBookPro12,1A1502EMC 2835MF839LL/A, MF840LL/A, MF841LL/A
MacBook Pro 13” 2016 (2 thunderbolts)MacBookPro13,1A1708EMC 2978MLUQ2LL/A, MLL42LL/A
MacBook Pro 13” 2016 (4 thunderbolts)MacBookPro13,2A1706EMC 3071MLVP2LL/A, MNQG2LL/A, MLH12LL/A, MNQF2LL/A
MacBook Pro 13” 2017 (2 thunderbolts)MacBookPro14,1A1708EMC 3164MPXR2LL/A, MPXU2LL/A, MPXQ2LL/A, MPXT2LL/A
MacBook Pro 13” 2017 (4 thunderbolts)MacBookPro14,2A1706EMC 3163MPXX2LL/A, MPXY2LL/A, MPXV2LL/A, MPXW2LL/A
MacBook Pro 13 ”2018MacBookPro15,2A1989EMC 3214MR9U2LL/A, MR9V2LL/A, MR9Q2LL/A, MR9R2LL/A
MacBook Pro 13” 2019 (4 thunderbolts)MacBookPro15,2A1989EMC 3358MV992LL/A, MV9A2LL/A, MV962LL/A, MV972LL/A
MacBook Pro 13” 2019 (2 thunderbolts)MacBookPro15,4A2159EMC 3301MUHQ2LL/A, MUHR2LL/A, MUHN2LL/A, MUHP2LL/A
MacBook Pro 13” 2020 (2 thunderbolts)MacBookPro16,3A2289EMC 3456MXK62LL/A, MXK72LL/A, MXK32LL/A, MXK52LL/A
MacBook Pro 13” 2020 (4 thunderbolts)MacBookPro16,2A2251EMC 3348MWP72LL/A, MWP82LL/A, MWP42LL/A, MWP52LL/A
MacBook Pro 13” 2020 M1MacBookPro17,1A2338EMC 3578MYDA2LL/A, MYD82LL/A, MYDC2LL/A, MYD92LL/A
MacBook Pro 15”
MacBook Pro 15″ Late 2008MacBookPro5,1A1286EMC 2255MB470LL/A, MB471LL/A, MC026LL/A
MacBook Pro 15″ Mid 2009 (2.53Ghz)MacBookPro5,4A1286EMC 2324MC118LL/A
MacBook Pro 15″ Mid 2009MacBookPro5,3A1286EMC 2325MB985LL/A, MB986LL/A
MacBook Pro 15″ Mid 2010MacBookPro6,2A1286EMC 2353MC371LL/A, MC372LL/A, MC373LL/A
MacBook Pro 15″ Early 2011MacBookPro8,2A1286EMC 2353-1, EMC 2417MC721LL/A, MC723LL/A
MacBook Pro 15″ Late 2011MacBookPro8,2A1286EMC 2563MD318LL/A, MD322LL/A
MacBook Pro 15” Mid 2012MacBookPro9,1A1286EMC 2556MD103LL/A, MD104LL/A
MacBook Pro 15” Mid 2012 RetinaMacBookPro10,1A1398EMC 2512MC975LL/A, MC976LL/A
MacBook Pro 15” Early 2013MacBookPro10,1A1398EMC 2673ME664LL/A, ME665LL/A
MacBook Pro 15” Late 2013MacBookPro11,2, MacBookPro11,3A1398EMC 2674, EMC 2745ME293LL/A, ME294LL/A, ME874LL/A
MacBook Pro 15” Mid 2014MacBookPro11,2, MacBookPro11,3A1398EMC 2876, EMC 2881MGXA2LL/A, MGXC2LL/A
MacBook Pro 15” Mid 2015MacBookPro11,4, MacBookPro11,5A1398EMC 2909, EMC 2910MJLQ2LL/A, MJLT2LL/A
MacBook Pro 15 ”2016MacBookPro13,3A1707EMC 3072MLW72LL/A, MLW82LL/A, MLH32LL/A, MLH42LL/A
MacBook Pro 15 ”2017MacBookPro14,3A1707EMC 3162MPTU2LL/A, MPTV2LL/A, MPTR2LL/A, MPTT2LL/A
MacBook Pro 15 ”2018MacBookPro15,1, MacBookPro15,3A1990EMC 3215MR962LL/A, MR972LL/A, MR932LL/A, MR942LL/A
MacBook Pro 15 ”2019MacBookPro15,1, MacBookPro15,3A1990EMC 3359MV922LL/A, MV932LL/A, MV902LL/A, MV912LL/A, MV942LL/A
MacBook Pro 16”
MacBook Pro 16 ”2019MacBookPro16,1, MacBookPro16,4A2141EMC 3347MVVL2LL/A, MVVM2LL/A, MVVJ2LL/A, MVVK2LL/A