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  • How long is the buyback offer valid?

You have 15 days to send your Mac after making your request.
In the event of receipt beyond this deadline, the price in force on the day of receipt will be applied.

  • Do I have to provide the accessories?

The charger and the original box are not mandatory but they will be recycled if you attach them to your Mac

  • Do you provide a packing slip?

The shipping price is included in the trade-in offer. So it's up to you to pack (very carefully!) your Mac and ship it

  • How do I pack my Mac?

If you have the original box, use there.
But in all cases we advise you to use rigid packaging as well as protective elements (foam, bubbles, etc.)
Please note that you are responsible for transporting your Mac. We check the condition upon receipt and compare with the announced condition

  • When will I receive payment?

We test Macs upon receipt within 2-3 days on average. Once the status has been verified, we send you an email and immediately make the transfer to your bank account.

  • What if the status doesn't match?

We send you a new proposal by email, at the price corresponding to the state in effect on the day of the test. If you refuse, you will have to pay 30 euros for testing and return costs to recover your Mac. It is therefore better to choose the state well from the beginning!

  • What about the data on my Mac?

We routinely delete data on all received Macs. We perform secure deletion in multiple passes to ensure that this data is never recoverable.