Since 2010 REPAIR MAC PARTS (OCCAMAC) offers you spare parts for all your Apple product repairs

Our work and commitment focuses on two core values:

Recycling / Our parts come from dismantled Apple hardware to allow component reuse and encourage repair.
The fight for the right to repair and against planned obsolescence makes it possible to considerably reduce the quantity of resources used by the High-Tech industry. We encourage you to join the movement by repairing rather than buying new devices!

Quality & authenticity / Our commitment to recycling and reusing original parts has made us one of the market leaders in the field for over 10 years.
All our refurbished parts are original Apple, fully tested and guaranteed to provide you with a safe repair.
Contrary to the announcements made by some sellers, there are no "new original" Apple parts, since the brand does not sell parts on their own. Parts sold as such are low quality illegal copies. You should avoid installing these parts in your device at all costs. At the risk of damaging it and putting you in danger.

Our company is not affiliated with Apple Inc. and does not claim to act on its behalf or assert its rights.